photo by Tyler Sparks

“This is…about man’s war against nature, and because man is part of nature it is also inevitably…about man’s war against himself.” -Rachel Carson

EXTINCT is an immersive theater work that follows a company of office workers who attempt to maintain productivity and happiness by any means necessary despite the fact that their world is falling down around them. In the vein of Office Space and Brazil, EXTINCT provides an absurd representation of our current ways of thinking about nature. Through the medium of immersive theater, audience members have a visceral understanding of what it means to be complicit in these destructive patterns: they answer phone calls, they attend ‘meetings’, they make choices to fit in with this company of performers – until the end of the piece, when the repercussions of their choices are revealed. This leaves space for audience members to leave the show beginning a healing dialogue about the notion of nourishment, connectedness, fulfillment, and respect for non-humans on the earth.

EXTINCT is written and directed by Kate Douglas and choreographed by Brendan Duggan.