The Imaginary Menagerie

(c) ReallyNathan

“I’m going to show you a series of doors. I want you to tell me what you see.”

The Imaginary Menagerie was a multidisciplinary collaboration between performer/composer Kate Douglas and director Hunter Bird.

The Imaginary Menagerie was composed of:

The Search for Lillian Holiday

(2013 Residency at The McKittrick Hotel)

Follow Katherine Hayes’ journey to find her missing cousin, actress Lillian Holiday. Set in 1939, the stay at the McKittrick performed in monthly installments, each episode complete with clues, special guests and Lucy the deer.

Special guests included Todd Almond, Ryan Scott Oliver, Pig Pen Theatre Co.Shaina Taub & Kiah Victoria.

The Death of Katherine Hayes

Ars Nova ANT FEST, June 2013

A musical memory play following Katherine’s arrival at the place after death before the other thing. Featuring talking portraits, handsome men, puppets, musical memories and Lucy the deer.

(c) Josh Luxenberg
(c) Josh Luxenberg

(c) Josh Luxenberg
(c) Josh Luxenberg

(c) Josh Luxenberg
(c) Josh Luxenberg


The House at the End of the World

(Joe’s Pub, August 2012)

A concert piece that chronicles a woman’s journey through a home at the end of the world. Composed of songs, poems, curiosities and Lucy the deer.