The Black Place

“Only a people who have struggled to survive as these people have struggled with their fruitless earth…could worship a symbol of suffering as a way of life.” -Maria Chabot to Georgia O’Keeffe, Apr 13, 1943

THE BLACK PLACE is a ghost story about hunger, legacy and what it means to disappear inside another person through service.

The piece entangles two lives – that of Maria Chabot, an aspiring writer who was a close associate of American painter Georgia O’Keeffe’s, and a writer in present day who continues to dream about her world. Through their voices, we explore the wounds women inherit from this ‘fruitless’ frontier: what do we reap from what our ancestors have sown? How can someone become a ghost by burying her aspirations inside of another person? Can we ever be free of the past?

THE BLACK PLACE is written by Kate Douglas & Chloe Treat.